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We have decided to merge with the guild Mayong Elite!  They have an impressive amount of active members at all levels, are focusing on various types of progression, help each other out, and subscribe to the same play as you like policies of CoV.  Please come and join us at the Mayong Elite by dropping the CoV guild tag and sending a tell to me (Sifl), Ivahna, or any Mayong Elite officer.  Just tell them you are from CoV and they will invite you.  Everyone who is currently in CoV is welcome in the guild!

Also please register on their website!


Two ranger epic mobs down, one to go!

Sifl Nolly, May 18, 10 12:49 AM.
After a long battle of determination we took down 2 of Ivahna's Ranger 1.5 Epic mobs (really 4 since each fight was a mob who spawned an add at low health).  Although the final fight was bugged a bit Ivahna petitioned and we are sure it will get all worked out (or we will just march back over there and kill them again).  Congrats Ivahna, you're so close!

Once she is ready we will take down the final boss and we are going to need all your help!

1.5 Successes

Sifl Nolly, May 18, 10 12:46 AM.
Congrats to Niteblaze and Sifl for completing their 1.5!  Thank you all for helping them out and everyone who participated did an excellent job! 

Keep working on your 1.5's and when your ready post in the forum under quests telling us the who, what, where and we will get your 1.5 epic battles on the schedule for a raid night.


Sendain1, Feb 23, 10 6:38 PM.
I want to say congrats to all who get your 1.5's and the work u put into them. I will take pic's of you all and post them here when u get your 1.5!!

Druid 1.5
Druid 1.5 gotten on Feb. 27, 2010

Zerker 1.5 
Berserker 1.5

Necro 1.5
Necromancer 1.5 gotten on Feb. 21, 2010

SK 1.5 Epic 
SK 1.5 Epic gotten on Feb. 16, 2010


Sendain1, Feb 22, 10 12:47 PM.
I want to say Welcome to all who are visiting us and who have joined us at Code of Valor. I will be posting news and pictures as everyone gets there epic 1.5's done and on raid hits for all to see. Thanks again and we hope u join us if you haven't already!!
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